Our aim is to return you to health wherever your starting point may be.  Our two chiropractors have over 25 years of experience between them.  We have friendly, welcoming staff and the clinic has ample parking available.

Chiropractic in Rugby & Coventry

We believe in providing the most effective care possible. We offer treatments to help people of all ages and walks of life. We are able to make a positive difference. Our chiropractors specialise in gentle, effective treatment of:

• Back Pain

• Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain

• Hip, Leg & Foot Pain

• Headaches & Migraines

• Joint & Muscle Related Problems

• Sports Injuries

• Children & Pregnant Women

• And much more...

In addition to Chiropractic we offer treatment in Sports Therapy, Yoga in Rugby, Acupuncture in Rugby, Clinical Psychology and Podiatry/Chiropody in Rugby

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Chiropractor in Rugby: Ben Bullard and Peter Sawyer at Clifton Road, Rugby

Chiropractor in Coventry: Peter Sawyer at Albany Road, Earlsdon

Chiropractor in Rugby & Coventry