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Our inviting clinic welcomes people of all ages to begin the path to health again. You will feel at ease in our practice while receiving the highest level of care. We are conveniently located on the corner of Clifton and Eastlands Roads. The clinic has private parking and easy access for everyone. Clifton Road Chiropractic has been serving patients since 2006.

Lead chiropractor, Peter Sawyer has 29 years of experience in helping people with spine-related problems and is supported by caring staff. In addition to Chiropractic care, the clinic offers Clinical Psychology, and Counselling. Please click here for our recommended complimentary therapies.

Regain Your Body Function

Chiropractic is an effective treatment for acute or chronic pain relief and aims to improve posture, movement, and body function. By carefully examining you and your spine, we determine a treatment plan designed specifically for you. As chiropractors, we use specific adjustments and other methods to restore essential correct function and movement in the spine. We offer lifestyle advice aimed to help patients lead a fuller, healthier, and more active life.

Restore Your Movement

We truly care about your well-being and want you to live well without discomfort. Chiropractic care improves the functionality of the spine and the biomechanics of your body. Chiropractors utilise a hands-on, natural approach allowing you to be mobile and lead a healthier life.

Cat Stretch

Do this stretch EVERY morning before getting out of bed or as soon as you are able.
It will pump fluid into your discs and reduce the natural thinning process.

On your hands and knees, look up and let your back slump down. Now look down and arch your back. Repeat this process several times for 1-3 minutes. Note: You should not sway forward or backward. Keep your thighs and arms straight like table legs.


“Really nice to feel like something is improving after 2-3 years of constant pain. Always puts me at ease. Very friendly receptionists. I would recommend this Clinic”.
Fiona, Rugby


“Since commencing treatment I am seeing greater mobility in my back and neck. I chose Chiropractic care because other treatments I had tried had failed. I have learnt a lot about my health and spinal well-being, such as daily exercise is very important.”
Stuart, Rugby


“Pete Sawyer, has and is continuing to work wonders for me, the severe leg pain and back ache has gone. Such a better option than surgery.” Jamie, Hillmorton, Rugby


“Pete and the team provide an excellent service, nothing is too much trouble and I would recommend them to anybody with back pain or related ailments.”
Trevor, Newton, Rugby


“Fantastic chiropractic I would recommend them to anyone. Brilliant treatment by excellent friendly and professional staff.” 
Sue, Woolscott, Rugby


“Things had reached crisis point so things take a while to put right. Making very positive progress with more sure to come. Very pleased and hopefully gain in strength to benefit the whole body.”
Marie, Bilton, Rugby


“Sciatic pain practically gone and much improvement in lower back area. I am much more aware of my posture. How to lift and sit properly which is also having a positive effect on my back/hip problems.”
Emily, Hillmorton, Rugby


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